How to become a product manager

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How to become a product manager

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Landing an entry-level product manager can be hard, especially if you're new-grad. However, it is possible and there are companies who hire students as Associate Product Manager Interns.

This 12 page guide will help students looking to land their first APM internship or a full-time role to understand skills necessary to crack interviews. You'll learn about the product manager role, the skills needed and how to prepare for interviews.

This guide is for -

  1. Students aspiring to land an APM internship
  2. Students / new grads aspiring to become APMs
  3. Early-career folks looking to transition into an APM role

This guide includes -

  1. Overview of product management
  2. Skills needed to become a product manager
  3. Resume & Profile building tips
  4. Job hunting & Interview tips

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A 12 page PDF guide packed with tips to work on your goal towards becoming an APM

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